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Brief Biography

Welcome to Sandman-Collectibles on the Web. Many of you probably know me from eBay or ISMACS, where I've had the pleasure of dealing with thousands of people over the past few years. By day, I was the Head of the Science Department in one of the largest high schools in the province of Ontario, Canada. My Degrees are in Honours Chemistry & Physics with a minor in Math. At night, I would collect and restore vintage sewing machines as well as sell them (or their parts) via on-line auctions or in my on-line store. After 35 years of teaching, I AM RETIRED!!!! I can now devote more time to working on my sewing machines and other collectibles.

My interest with on-line selling began when I needed to dispose of many of my own items, and those of my grandfather's estate, because my own children were not interested in collecting such mundane things as stamps, coins, and cameras. They were into the video games, skateboarding, and sports so I thought I would give eBay a try and I was hooked.

Eventually, as my collections were almost gone, I decided to go looking for old cameras and things at yard/estate sales to sell on eBay for fun. That is where I came across my first REAL sewing machine. It was an old Singer 66 Red-Eye in near perfect condition. For $20 I went home to discover how two loops of thread could be intertwined without breaking the threads as that has always amazed me. Here I am in 2017 with over 250+ machines of all styles and vintages in my collection. My wife is not exactly thrilled since our entire basement is full of sewing machines.

The Internet is a great place to gather info about these machines, which is what I do as my new hobby, as well as restoring/collecting/selling the machines. With space running out I have started to sell off some of my machines. Those in the best shape (8 - 10 on the Forsdyke Scale) are auctioned off on eBay and those in lesser shape get stripped down for parts so that others can repair their gems!

Over the past few years there have been some common questions asked by my customers and I have posted answers to these common questions in various locations on the Web. One of my goals is to have part of this site dedicated to answering some of these technical questions using my knowledge of Physics.


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