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Q-1. What is the Print Quality of the Manual?

Q-2. How is the Manual Constructed?

Q-3. What are the Manual Contents?

Q-4. Is the Manual Illustrated?

Q-5. Can I get the Manual in LARGER print?

Q-6. View a Picture of Selected Manuals


A-1. Quality of Manual

All manuals are reproductions and are Laser printed on 22 lb bright white paper to give you the best quality readability & durability. Text is standard size print so some people with severe vision problems will need a larger print manual which we do NOT make at this time. Some manuals are completely in color while other are Black & White. Most are a combination of color and B&W. These manuals are NOT originals NOR are they Photocopies.

A-2. Manual Construction

Manuals are printed on both sides of 22lb paper, cut, folded, and stapled to simulate the look and feel of the original manual. Size and shape of the manual will reflect that of the original manual.

A-3. Manual Contents

Instructions & diagrams are based on the original manual or book supplied with each model item. Most manuals contain Use & Care of the camera as well as a section on which attachments work with the camera and how to use them.

A-4. Illustrations

Most manuals are fully illustrated to complement the instructions.

A-5. Large Print Manuals

At this time we do NOT make large print manuals although we have had several requests. As time permits this is a consideration.

A-6. Sample Manual Pics

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