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Privacy Policy


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This Website DOES NOT collect any information about you or your computer. The ONLY information collected is your Name, Address, and E-mail Address if you are purchasing any items from this site. This information is collected via PayPal and passed through to us in secure fashion.

When purchasing any items the ONLY method of Payment is via PayPal Shopping Cart. PayPal collects all of your personal & financial  information and retains it on their site. WE DO NOT SEE ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION about you except your Name and Delivery Address as well as your Email Address for communication purposes.

Furthermore, we do not collect, store, or sell your information to anyone. We hate spam every bit as much as you do..........if not more! We do not send out unsolicited email OR snail mail!! If you wish our newsletter you may sign-up via our eBay Store by clicking on the eBay Icon on the left navigation bar.

BEWARE OF SPOOF EMAILS*: If you have PAID for a purchase on this site, we will NOT ask you to pay again. If you are ever in doubt about your payment status just go to YOUR PayPal account and check it's status there. Email us IMMEDIATELY if you suspect any Spoof Email or Fraud. DO NOT RESPOND to any emails that you suspect may be fraudulent.

If you require further information OR clarification about these policies you can email your concerns to info@sandman-collectibles.com

* SPOOF EMAIL: is an email that is used by fraudsters to mimic an original and it usually tries to solicit money and/or personal information. DO NOT respond to these emails!



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