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Shipping FAQ


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Q-1. What are the Shipping & Handling Costs?

Q-2. What are the Costs for Multiple Manuals?

Q-3. What are the available Shipping Methods?

Q-4. What about Shipping Insurance and Tracking Numbers?

Q-5. How Long does it take to Receive My Order?

Q-6. What do I do if my Order Does Not Arrive in a Reasonable Time?


A-1. Shipping & Handling Costs

All orders are charged a flat handling cost of $2.00 USD. This actually evens out the actual shipping costs for single item versus multiple item purchases. As you buy each item you are basically paying for exact shipping. We do NOT overcharge/Gouge on the shipping. Since we use software that ESTIMATES shipping based on certain parameters it will not always be exact. In Canada, shipping is based on weight and our software estimates based on number if items. As we process your order, if the shipping costs you were charged on your transaction exceeds the actual shipping costs by more than the handling fee we will refund that amount to your PayPal account. If you pay by other means this option is not available.

A-2. Multiple Item Shipping Costs

Most people purchase only a few items and the shipping costs will closely reflect that. On much larger orders your shipping cost may seen extreme. Please do remember that as you increase the number of items in your order the weight/size of your order also increases. You can always email us before ordering to get an idea about the shipping charges for larger orders. AS ALWAYS, excess shipping charges calculated via the Cart software will refunded during the processing period.

A-3. Shipping Methods

In order to keep costs down we ship by the most cost effective method that combines speed, value, and reliability. We have found that Canada Post and USPS serves this purpose at this time.

A-4. Insurance and Tracking Numbers

Insurance is free on all orders under $100 USD. On orders over $100 USD the insurance cost is built in to the handling fees. On low valued orders Tracking numbers are not available as it increases the cost of the order but you are still insured. On bigger orders or heavier items the Tracking number is mandatory and we will send it along. For overseas orders there is NO tracking available at this time.

A-5. Shipping Times

Shipping times vary with destination and time of year. Most orders will arrive locally in 3-5 business days, 7-10 business days for Canada/USA, and 10-30 days worldwide. Certain times of the year can experience excessive mail volume such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentines, etc and shipping times may double. Please be patient and you can also send us an email at any time if you feel that there has been a long delay.

A-6. Non-Arrival of Order

Please email us if your order does not arrive in the time frame we gave you. We will try to track it down and send you further instruction on an individual basis.




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