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Purchasing FAQ


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Q-1. What Currency is used to make all Purchases?

Q-2. What methods of Payment are Acceptable?

Q-3. Must I use PayPal?

Q-4. Can I Send a Personal Cheque, Money Order, or Cash?

Q-5. How Secure are my Payments and Personal Information?

Q-6. How do I Make a Purchase?


A-1. Acceptable Currencies

At this time ALL purchases are in US Dollars. As this site expands we may be able to accept other currencies.

A-2. Acceptable Payment Methods

At this time you may use PayPal OR any Major Credit Card that PayPal accepts for immediate shipment. If you wish to pay by International Money Order (from any country outside Canada) OR Personal cheque (Canadian and USA orders ONLY) you may do so by filling up your PayPal cart and then just printing it out and mailing it to Sandman-Collectibles. To get mailing instructions just send an email using the link at the bottom of any page.

A-3. PayPal Use

NO. You MUST use PayPal to have your order processed immediately BUT if you are not in a hurry to have your order shipped than you can send a personal cheque or International Money Order. Please note that you do not have to sign up for PayPal to use your credit card. PayPal is just the payment provider for my website so that you personal information remains secure and confidential with a reputable company.

A-4. Sending Cheques, Money Orders, Cash

NEVER SEND CASH! If the mails lose your payment you have NO PROOF that payment has been sent OR recourse to recover your money. That puts you in a difficult situation in that you lose your money and we can't process your order. If you wish to send a Personal Cheque or International Money Order it may delay your order for a short time depending if you are a new or returning customer. Goods DO NOT ship until the cheque/MO clears the bank which may take several days. ALL International Money Orders are accepted but ONLY Canadian & US Personal Cheques are accepted. ALL OTHER PERSONAL CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!

A-5. Payment Security

Everyone is concerned with web security surrounding Money and Personal information. That is why Sandman-Collectibles has chosen PayPal for its Web Payment of choice. PayPal is reputable and an industry leader in on-line payments. ALL your information stays secure with them. WE DO NOT SEE ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION except your Name and Address so that we can ship your items. See Privacy Policy

A-6. Making a Purchase

It is simple to make a purchase. Look at the item you wish to purchase. Read it's description and look at the picture. If you are satisfied with that item just click the Add to Cart button and continue shopping. When you are finished shopping select the View Cart button near the upper left of any page on this site and it will take you to Checkout. If paying with PayPal, fill in the details and you are done. If you wish to send an International Money Order (from any country outside Canada) OR Personal cheque (Canadian and USA orders ONLY) just print your PayPal cart order and email us for mailing instructions. PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 Add to Cart buttons for each item to reflect exact shipping charges according to Country of sale. Select either the Canada/USA button OR the International button so that accurate shipping rates can be charged.




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